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Dr. Jared Nelson

Dr. Jared Nelson

Dr. Jared Nelson

If you had asked Jared as a young man what he was going to be when he grew up, you would have been surprised to find that chiropractic wasn’t even on his radar. For Jared, discovering the chiropractic profession has been quite a journey.

Jared was 3rd among the 4 boys that grew up in a normal, happy home in Springville, Utah. His father and mother made sure that their boys knew the meaning of hard work.

One day while working on his cousin’s ranch, he fell 8 feet beneath a 300 pound cattle gate and broke his pelvis in 3 places. The doctors said he would need surgery to fix it, but he was young and foolish and decided to opt out and left the hospital. He had a good job and didn’t want to lose it so he returned to work a few days later.

Introduction to Chiropractic

Fast forward 10 years. As you can imagine, Jared struggled with back pain most of his life. He had been to multiple doctors, but was discouraged to find that their recommendations always turned to medication. He had basically accepted the fact that he would be in pain the rest of his life. One day a friend (Brian) who was studying at Parker University invited Jared to see him at the school clinic. Brian needed the credits to graduate, so he figured he’d help him out.

It was incredible! After seeing Brian at the school clinic for 2 months, Jared was pain free and have been ever since. He knew then that he had found something special and that it was time for a career change. He applied to Parker University shortly afterward.

He has come to realize that ‘good health’ should not be defined as an absence of disease or sickness, but rather by the quality of your life and the choices that you make every day to take care of your body.