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Chiropractic Practice Member Testimonials

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Hands On Health Chiropractic practice member testimonials below and email me or contact our office if you have any questions.

˜Dr. Meredith Grady

Excellent Care

“The care I have received from Dr. Meredith has been excellent. They have given great personal treatment. The staff is great too, Jen is the best and I appreciate how everyone makes me feel like a person, not just a number. Thanks.”
˜Terri L.

Better Posture

“My previous Chiropractor would just twist me into a pretzel to adjust me and didn’t really do anything else, and I still had pain. After coming here, my posture is much better and I don’t slouch over after working at a computer all day. I rarely ever have headaches.”
˜Shannon C.


“I’m so excited to know I can feel better with this therapy to my neck, back and arms. Thank you for listening to me describe where and how I hurt.”
˜ Catherine S.


“I was terrified of going to a chiropractor. Dr. Meredith put me at ease, listened and understood my fear and assured me everything would be fine and she has made sure of it. I very much enjoy going now and it has made a phenomenal change in my health and daily life.”
˜ Jana M.

Helped My Pain

“I injured my neck playing on a trampoline with my kids, causing constant pain and a limited range of motion, and after treatment, the pain is gone and my range of motion has improved dramatically. I have also noticed an improvement of strength and mobility in my lower back that has allowed me to take up running again, something I have not been able to do for years.”
˜ Dennis L.

Pain Free Of Lower Back Pain

“I saw every doctor possible for my lower back pain, and all wanted to give me pain meds, that made me feel sick, or surgery, that I didn’t want. After Chiropractic treatment most days are pain free and my headaches are down to 2 or 3 a year without meds. I love this office because they make you a part of their family.”
˜ Shari P.

Improving My Day To Day Activity

“I had neuropathy in my foot and leg and it was getting so debilitating that it was affecting my day to day activities. My balance and strength was significantly diminished as to make walking in a straight line and climbing stairs difficult. After receiving treatment, my balance and strength have improved significantly. I go up and down stairs normally, can walk with my head up instead of looking for cracks in the pavement.”
˜ Kathie S.

Migraines Gone

“I had previously been treated by a Chiropractor for ocular migraines that I had experienced for nearly 30 years, but only when I began being treated by Dr. Meredith did the problem consistently go away.”
˜ Kevin N.

Seeing Results

“I had recurring back and neck pain that were often in occurrence and ranged from mild to very intense at times. I felt like there was something wrong with every part of my body. My husband and daughter signed me up without my consent to visit Dr. Meredith and I’m glad they did because the results have been monumental. My migraines are not as frequent or severe and my back pains have almost completely subsided.”
˜ Melanie

Treated Neck Pain

“For many years I had neck pain that came and went, and was treated by a Chiropractor since I was young. After my move I was honestly thinking I might be beyond Chiropractic, but I kept going with encouragement from a sister and brother-in-law as well as Dr. Meredith. I am so glad I did, by the fall my neck pain was fading and now I rarely have any at all! No drugs! No surgery! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
˜ Kira S.

Easier Movement Of My Neck

“I experienced pain in my neck and shoulders with a lack of side to side movement and now I have better mobility of my head, and easier movement of my neck.”
˜ Myona L.

Amazing Results

“I had a constant irritation of neck and back pain that were slowly growing problems that worsened with time. I have had amazing results here at Hands on Health. Since I work in law enforcement, I carry lots of extra weight on a daily basis and I no longer feel the pain that I used to.”
˜ Brian W.

Feeling More Like Myself

“I had severe back and neck pain for years due to playing volleyball and never thought it could be helped, but after coming to Hands on Health, I have never felt more myself in years! No pain is an amazing feeling.”
˜ Erika L.

Improved Range Of Motion

“I had hurt my neck and had almost no range in motion; I couldn’t look left or right. Because of this I also had chronic headaches that kept me from sleeping and playing tennis. I have seen all kinds of doctors and found the best relief through Chiropractic care. I didn’t want to take meds to mask any of my ailments – I wanted to heal the problem. Now I feel great! I no longer have headaches and I am sleeping well and active again. I have recommended this office to all of my friends.”
˜ Claudia P.

Positive Results

“I had several herniated disks that caused severe pain. I had very positive results from the decompression treatment and regular adjustments have seemed to reinforce those results to help work out kinks and pains in the spinal area.”
˜ Scott H.

Awesome Results

“I have had awesome results at Hands on Health. My neck curve has greatly increased, my headaches have decreased, and my previous neck pain is much less as well.”
˜ Karen S.

No More Pain

“I had lower back pain for about 1 or 2 months before visiting the office as well as a bulging disk in my upper back. Now I have no more pain and my bulging disk has improved and is rarely painful!!”
˜ Angela J.

Improved Shoulder Pain

“I had chronic shoulder pain after falling and hitting my elbow that caused a problem with the nerves in my neck. I was treated by an orthopedist and received some relief from the numbness, but I had increased shoulder pain that Dr. Meredith traced back to the original injury. I have had excellent results-no more shoulder pain and an improvement in the alignment in my neck and upper spine.”
˜ Judy J.