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Meet The Team at Hands On Health Chiropractic


Rachel, Director of Insurance

Rachel has lived in Texas for 7 years. She originally is from the North and takes pride in her Baltimore spirit. Rachel has been working in chiropractic offices all over the country for the past 13 years and is well versed in all things billing and insurance. She is married and has two boys. Rachel is an avid gardener and chicken keeper. Rachel sang as a child/young adult and studied opera and music theory in college. In her free time, she likes to be with her family and chickens, garden, sing karaoke and teach folks about makeup and how to apply it. Rachel works mostly remotely for the office but is always available to help our practice members get their insurance questions answered and make their care the number one priority.



Meet Mikayla, a passionate individual devoted to family and healthcare. Inspired by her stepdad’s chiropractic practice, she aspires to pursue a fulfilling career in a related field. Mikayla, a dedicated mother, finds boundless happiness in precious moments with her family, especially her adorable baby girl. Originally from New Mexico, she now calls Texas home, where she embraces the great outdoors and adventurous escapades. An avid traveler and hiking enthusiast, she finds every opportunity to explore the world around her. With a heart that loves to bring smiles and laughs, she eagerly anticipates the future, brimming with endless possibilities.

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