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Pediatric Chiropractic in Grapevine

Doctor adjusting childChiropractic is natural health care for children. The birth experience is extremely traumatic, and misalignment may occur from day one. As the child grows, falls, bumps, and bruises occur all through the growth process. This is especially true during the structural changes in the crawling and walking stage. Children running and playing games often put stress on their bodies.

Pediatric chiropractic adjusts the alignment of your child’s spine and skeletal system to relieve pressure and stress on their nervous system. We’re very gentle with kids; kids love getting adjusted because they have so much energy afterward.

Will Chiropractic Hurt My Child?

Many parents don’t realize that chiropractic can be used on children or that there is wellness care for kids. Very often, it’s not until they see other children in the office being adjusted that they think to ask about it.

Pediatric adjustments are very gentle. Infants are adjusted with the same amount of pressure used to test the ripeness of a tomato. We do not adjust children the same as an adult; there’s no twisting, cracking, or popping. We tailor the treatment based on the child’s age, as their spine is still growing.

Learning from our years of experience, we get the best results for our littlest practice members using a combination of care. We use low-force techniques for infants, an extremely gentle adjustment. A mix of Diversified Technique, Thompson Drop, and ArthroStim® is used for older children.

How We Help

Children have shown positive outcomes for

  • Colic
  • Digestive issues
  • Torticollis
  • Sleep issues
  • Asthma/allergies
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Scoliosis/postural issues
  • Bed wetting and more

Learn More Today

Pediatric chiropractic is gentle, safe and effective care for your little ones. Regular care helps your child grow, thrive, and be happy. And that’s what every parent wants for their children. Isn’t it time you tried our whole-body wellness style of care?

Contact us today for your free, no-obligation appointment, and start your child on the path to a lifetime of better health.

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